Aircraft Concept Art for Viking Air
by Dave Jacquith in Victoria, BC

Twin Otter Aircraft Concept Art
My Twin Otter Series 400 Concept Image

The Context

Client wanted images for promotional materials to sell their new aircraft

The Challenge

Produce a concept drawing of a partially built product that was still undergoing design

The Solution

Ask lots of questions, and after that, ask even more questions

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When Otters Fly

How do you produce a concept drawing of an airplane that is only partly built with its overall design not yet complete? The answer: Ask lots of questions, and after that, ask even more questions. This was the challenge put before me from Viking Air who wanted a promotional brochure to launch their brand new airplane, The Twin Otter Series 400. As you can see from the photo, the crew was still assembling her when I began the project.

partly assembled twin otter aircraft
The crew was working hard on assembling a Twin Otter 400 when I started drafting concepts

Intial Direction

Where should we begin? What design materials already exist? These were important questions for initial direction, and led to two things that helped tremendously. First, a model of the aircraft. Awesome! I studied the dimensions while making vrroom vrroom plane noises around my living room. More importantly, I photographed the model from various angles and was able to discover interesting visuals to analyze and pass on for early client review. One thing that was missing, however, was the correct colour scheme. This was a big gap for showing how the end product would look. Thankfully the client sent me approved paint schemematics. I was thrilled, and now equipped for sketching drafts, but many questions still remained.

scale model replica of a series 400 twin otter
Above: The scale model that helped me understand dimension and find interesting visual angles

Below: Paint schematics by Scheme Designers that gave me colour and design direction
© 2008 Scheme Designers Inc.
aircraft paint and vinyl wrap schematics

Product Perception

What message do we want to convey? Can we capture emotion and technical accuracy? These were important questions because the client needed imagery that would help sell their product. Aviation schematics would be too technical and lack feeling needed for marketing. We wanted to help buyers envision the aircraft soaring through the sky and get them excited about its capabilities. We also wanted to give them confidence that what they saw respresented in the brochure was an accurate depiction of what they were purchasing. So I got lots of feedback and made revisions until we could articulate those technical and emotional goals.

High Flying Success!

It has been almost a decade since I delivered those images to Viking Air, and since then the Twin Otter 400 has become an amazing success story. From search and rescue missions to adventure tourism, and even military operations, this versatile craft is used all over the world for some of the most interesting jobs. I am happy to have contributed in a small but meaningful way to an important chapter in its history. Its clear that Otters can fly, and it was a real privilege to give this particular one its wings.

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aircraft concept sketch

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aircraft concept design

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